According to 2 Timothy 3:16, all scripture is God-breathed and useful for teaching, correction and instruction for growth to occur in our spiritual lives. The message taught from Valley First Assembly’s leaders are structured to do these very things. We train the body of Christ to equip themselves with the Word of God and prepare them to apply it to their everyday lives, as Jesus, himself, instructs us. Through this experience, you can come expecting to see the manifestation of God’s promises in and through your life as the confident individual God created you to be.


Our worship services usually begin with singing, prayer and music relating to the message that will be portrayed in the day’s sermon. The music reflects our body, diverse and relatable to everyone from contemporary to traditional hymns and even sometimes acapella. We welcome a free-style worship, which means that you choose to worship in the way that you feel helps you get closest to God.


We believe strongly in the actions performed by the disciples in Acts 2 where they met often in fellowship to break bread and pray together. Meeting others that share the same beliefs that can lift you up can be just as important as anything else in your walk with God. Whether it is a planned lunch get together, attending our community events, or just connecting during our service times, there is an opportunity for everyone to feel welcome at Valley First Assembly of God.


•Sunday School -10 AM
•Sunday Service-11 AM  


6 PM

•Miracle Worker's Women's Bible Study
(2nd Tuesday of each month)


6 PM

•Evening Discipleship Service
•Food Bank Community Outreach

•Children's Church (Ages 3-11)
•NRG Youth Service (Grades 6-12)

7 PM

•College Bible Study*


•Well,I Just Declare! Class*

*See event calendar for dates



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