Be healthy.  Doing good and having a belief system is good for you! A growing body of research links volunteering/doing outreaches/religious beliefs and benefits to mental and physical health, like reducing stress and the risk of hyper-tension, building self-esteem, and strengthening social connections.

Lose weight. Being active by helping in  can keep you moving and burning extra calories. Going to a place of worship gives you a strong sense of community and people that go to church are usually disciplined by the ways of christianity. This also teaches you to have a more disciplined attitude throughout life. Being disciplined can also help you make good life choices. Consider active outreach opportunities such as packing meals for food insecure families or getting involved with a fitness plan with fellow church goers to inspire you to move more and eat better.

Spend less/save more. Giving tithes is tax-deductible and will help you get more back.  Learning to become good stewards with our blessings that God gives us helps us to learn priorities, balance and to consider our actions before acting carelessly- even financially.

Spend more time with family. Church events are perfect family bonding time. Most churches have weekly family worship experiences  and community projects for the family unit to share. Learning to have a servant’s heart as Christ did and help others as well as  as a family teaches children the importance of helping others, teamwork, and generosity and builds stronger connections between family members and your community.

Travel. Ministry is beyond the four walls of the church. Often, churches are active in community events and even in overseas missions trips. Helping others and sharing the love of Christ away from home expands your horizons further than leisure travel. Being exposed to different cultures is also good for the communities you serve.  Find a need and a place you wish to serve and get the church to help you fundraise for the expenses to travel. It will teach you good money management and volunteering skills while adding to your resume!

Read more. Develop a habit of reading the bible on a regular basis and with your family. Kids will develop strong reading skills at a young age and be more likely to succeed in school, work and life. Don’t have children? You will not only expand your vocabulary, but you will learn to develop your words, facts and stories simply by reading more of the Word. Reading with and tutoring young students is also one of the very best ways  to volunteer your time and energy.