From Fostering Hope devotional:

Her email asked how she could become more involved with helping foster kids. She wanted to volunteer at the shelter, or perhaps become a mentor. We met to discuss the options – find her a good fit. At 21, she seemed more mature than most 40 year olds I knew. I wanted to know more about her, and over several cups of coffee her story unfolded. Not too great of a childhood. Instability. Loneliness. Abuse. Pain. Lots of pain. Then, at 14, it all changed. She went with friends to a church event. She didn’t even own a Bible. Had no context for the songs being sung or the message she was hearing. But soon she found herself moving toward the front of the auditorium.

More importantly she found her soul moving toward her Creator. How did that happen? How did a kid who barely wondered if God existed wind up as a sold out follower of Christ? Depends on who you ask. Luck, perhaps. Or fate. But I would say it is an example of the invisible moving the visible. Of God reaching into humanity and interrupting the downward spiral of a family tree. God moves, in the lives of children who desperately need a refuge, a father, a comforter, a friend, a savior. We are invited to be a visible part of His invisible movement. Will you join Him?